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In English and Social Studies, we combine geography, literature, and early American history to create an experience that challenges students to draw parallels across subjects. Studying the biographies of famous Americans prompts students to formulate their own opinions, make inquiries, explore, and experiment. Students write book reports and do research, concentrating on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the parts of speech.

A weekly planner and materials list for each lesson helps students and parents plan the week in advance and budget time and resources.  Assignment checklists in each lesson help students see at a glance what has already been completed and what still needs to be done. Comprehensive learning assessments are included at the end of each lesson to help parents document student progress, identify strengths and areas where more support is needed, and track learning over time. 

View samples of our Grade 5 curriculum here.

The following resources are needed for this course:


The digital curriculum is for use on electronic devices and cannot be printed. Click here for more information about Oak Meadow's digital curriculum offerings.

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