Race and Ethnic Studies Course Package

Race and Ethnic Studies Course Package
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Course Overview

Critical race and ethnic studies emphasize the intersections of forms of social differentiation, including race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability, and sexuality, and examine how these forms of differentiation provide advantages for some groups and disadvantages for others. This course looks beyond cultural identity to consider inequality, power, and social change while examining how race and racism are foundational to the formation of the United States and spread their influence beyond borders.

In this single-semester course, students will explore these issues through resources from a variety of perspectives. They will examine how the topics impact their own experiences and feelings by responding to journal prompts throughout the course. Students will develop a long-term course project to produce a children’s book about an issue related to critical race and ethnic studies.

Course Length: One Semester

Grade Level: 11, 12

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Course Package Includes: 

A teacher manual is available for this course (sold separately). High School Teacher Manuals are designed for families who use our curriculum independently (non-enrolled). Enrolled students and families should contact their Oak Meadow teacher directly for questions regarding course work.

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  • Grade: High school
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