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Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner & Student Planner Package | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Planner Package

This package includes the Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner, designed for parents with students in grades K-4, and Oak Meadow Student Planner, for students from fifth grade through high school. Both planners include 40 weeks of blank schedules, plus an array of resources.

Homeschooling Parent Planner - The World Is Your Classroom | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Parent Planner

The Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner includes tips and advice from experienced Oak Meadow teachers, a study skills checklist, and general learning targets for each grade level that provide a baseline map for learning from kindergarten to grade 4.

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Make A Plan: A Daily Planner for Homeschoolers | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Student Planner

The Oak Meadow Student Planner is packed with study resources (maps, charts, tables) to help students manage their time and take charge of their learning. Students can create a weekly schedule for assignments and other commitments such as sports, music or art classes, job responsibilities, etc. A study skills checklist is included.

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Oak Meadow Blank Journal | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Oak Meadow Blank Journal

Oak Meadow Blank Journals (50 pages) are perfect for note-taking, sketches, observations, or for writing thoughts, ideas, questions, and dreams.




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