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The painting course introduces painting in terms of color and design, and explores representational skills as well as non-representational and abstract elements. This course helps develop basic skills and creative thinking, and students are asked to explore their creative thoughts in a written journal, and to conduct self-evaluations. Using acrylics, students learn to paint still life, portraits, and landscapes, and to use texture, pattern, light, and color to create expressive paintings. Suggested prerequisite: Drawing and Design

Painting Course Package - High School Fine Arts | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Painting Course Package

In this full year course, students learn basic techniques of painting, use of color, and design elements.

Art Kit - Painting Course
Art Kit - Painting Course

Painting Course Art Kit

Painting High School Coursebook | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Painting Coursebook

Painting Coursebook (included in course package)

50 Paints You Should Know | Oak Meadow Bookstore
50 Paintings You Should Know

Assigned as part of the Oak Meadow Painting Course (included in course package)