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Media Literacy is about learning how to critically engage and make sense of the media all around us. In addition to introducing students to the history and use of media, this Media Literacy course will help develop analytical tools that students can use to examine media content, intent, context, and subtext. Media literacy, or media education, is also a global movement to make better, more critical, sense of the media. As students explore how the media operates in society, they will gain the tools of media literacy, allowing them to make more informed choices as an active audience. Finally, media literacy is about social activism—it is inherently an activist method of study. When we study our media critically, we are compelled to make change. By learning to be critical scholars, students can develop a sense of objectivity about media and become more active audiences and independent thinkers. Note: Internet access is required for this course.

Media Literacy Course Package | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Media Literacy Course Package: Critical Analysis of Media and Culture

This single semester course looks at how media shape our perceptions in regard to race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, geography, and education, helping students make more informed decisions about media use.

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

Media Literacy Coursebook - High School Social Studies | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Media Literacy Coursebook

Coursebook for single semester Media Literacy course (included in course package).

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

Media Literacy: Teacher Manual | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Media Literacy Teacher Manual

Teacher manual designed to help parents and teachers support independent learners.

Media/Society, 6th ed.: Technology, Industries, Content & Users | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Media/Society 6th Edition: Technology, Industries, Content, and Users

Textbook used with Oak Meadow's Media Leteracy course.