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Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades-Digital

Guide for parents and home teachers for Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Kindergarten Coursebooks-Digital

The coursebook along with resource book provides all the instructions and assignments for the full year of kindergarten.

K-3 Enrichment Package-Digital

K–3 Enrichment Package includes Heart of Learning, OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades, OM Crafts for the Early Grades, OM Circle Time CD, and Healthy Living from the Start

The Heart of Learning-Digital

Newly revised and updated, this 40th Anniversary Edition of our classic guide to home learning is recommended reading for all parents and teachers.

Oak Meadow Crafts for the Early Grades-Digital

This guide provides detailed instructions and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations for a wide selection of creative ideas and projects especially for children in the early grades.

Healthy Living from the Start-Digital

Healthy Living from the Start is a comprehensive health curriculum that provides the framework for teaching children about health and well-being.