Grade 3 + K-3 Essentials Package

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The following resources are included with the Grade 3 + K-3 Essentials Package:

  • Grade 3 Coursebook
  • Grade 3 Resource Book
  • Advanced Recorder
  • Oak Meadow First Cookbook - We are now sending a different cookbook called Cooking Class (not pictured)
  • Oak Meadow Folk Tales
  • D'Nealian Cursive Handwriting
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • The All-New Woodworking for Kids
  • Heart of Learning: provides important support and guidance for the homeschooling parent through a series of essays on the educational philosophy and learning principles behind the early grades of Oak Meadow. It includes information on child development as well as suggestions on how to develop your skills as a home teacher.
  • OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades: includes practical information on how to present the lesson material, as well as an extensive collection of songs, poems, and action verses that you'll be using through the early grades.
  • OM Crafts for the Early Grades: includes all the instructions for crafts and projects.
  • OM Circle Time CD: provides musical inspiration for your circle time, and includes all the songs listed in the OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades
  • Healthy Living from the Start: offers a wide range of activities around health-related topics. Each lesson includes a set of activities to choose from for each grade level, making it easy to use with children of different ages.

Please note that The Heart of Learning, OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades, OM Crafts for the Early Grades, OM Circle Time CD, and Healthy Living From the Start are used through grades K-3. These items are sold separately as they only need to be purchased once.  The recorders, which are used in the music curriculum, are included in the craft kit (sold separately) or can be purchased individually. Recorders are non-returnable.

The challenging and practical tasks of Oak Meadow’s Grade 3 curriculum encourage new skills and awareness through observation, precision, imagination, and creativity. Classic children’s literature forms the foundation of a rich and effective Language Arts program that develops essential grammar and composition skills. A new interest in careful work is encouraged through the introduction of cursive handwriting and basic spelling rules.

In Social Studies, students develop a deeper understanding of history by reading about the legends, laws, and government of ancient cultures. While learning about these cultures, beliefs, and perspectives, students also learn about different world religions as these were essential elements of ancient cultures. For instance, students learn about the religious beliefs of Native Americans, ancient Hebrews, Phoenicians, Kush, Egyptians, and more. This is done through a sociological and historical perspective. Geography is explored as students investigate and map their own cultural heritage.

The Grade 3 Math curriculum focuses on multiplication tables, place value to the millions, and counting with money while also learning how to carry and borrow, add and subtract three-digit numbers and solve division problems with remainders.

In Science, students observe weather patterns, interdependence in nature, local trees, and the changing of the seasons. Students are introduced to the scientific method through simple experiments that encourage careful observation and accurate reporting skills.

Art, Crafts, Music, and Health activities encourage students to explore through a variety of media including watercolor, clay, carpentry, cooking, and paper marbling. Students continue to develop their recorder playing skills, create their own book of music, and conduct inquiries into topics related to their healthy development.

 View a sample of our Grade 3 curriculum here

Projects, crafts, and activities include:

  • Write imaginative stories
  • Memorize poems
  • Learn cursive handwriting
  • Create multiplication designs
  • Play math games
  • Conduct a planet rotation experiment
  • Make a tree collage

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