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Oak Meadow digital curriculum is for on-the-go users who don't want heavy books. This is a particularly popular option for road/boat/world-schoolers. You'll need to view the books on a digital device with occasional internet access. Please note these books are digital-only and not printable or share-able. Click here for full details and digital FAQs.

Grade 5 Package-Digital
Grade 5 Package - Digital

Oak Meadow's digtal fifth grade curriculum package is designed to support the newly independent learner with engaging activities and clear instruction.

English & United States History Grade 5 - Digital | Oak Meadow Bookstore
U.S. History/English 5 - Digital

In Digital English and Social Studies, we combine geography, literature, and early American history to create an experience that challenges students to draw parallels across subjects.

Grade 5 Science Coursebook - Digital | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Science 5 - Digital

 An introductory science overview course with an emphasis on environmental science.

Grade 5 Teacher Manual - Digital | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Fifth Grade Teacher Manual - Digital

Our teacher manuals provide additional infomation that supports you in assessing your child's work. Includes evaluation keys and guidance across all subject areas.