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Oak Meadow Socks (Youth Crew) - Meadow Merch | Oak Meadow Bookstore
OM Socks (Youth Crew)

Oak Meadow cotton socks

For ages 5-12 (Fits Children's Shoe Sizes 9-3)

OM Wool Hat (Grey)
OM Wool Hat (Grey)

Oak Meadow merino wool beanie hat

Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Oak Meadow Guide to Teaching the Early Grades

Guide for parents and home teachers for Kindergarten through Grade 3.

Write It Right: A Handbook for Student Writers | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Write It Right: A Handbook for Student Writers

Write It Right demystifies writing and grammar to help you become a stronger writer.

D'Nealian Handwriting Cursive ABC Book: Handwriting Practice Book | Oak Meadow Bookstore
D'Nealian Handwriting Cursive ABC Book

Assigned as part of the Oak Meadow 3rd Grade curriculum

Beyond The Rainbow Bridge: Nurturing Our Children from Birth to Seven | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

An enthusiastic parent, wanting to share the value she received from a parenting class given by a seasoned Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, transcribed and edited these sessions into this beloved book.

Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner & Student Planner Package | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Planner Package

This package includes the Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner, designed for parents with students in grades K-4, and Oak Meadow Student Planner, for students from fifth grade through high school. Both planners include 40 weeks of blank schedules, plus an array of resources.