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Oak Meadow digital ebook curriculum is for on-the-go users who don't want heavy books. This is a particularly popular option for road/boat/world-schoolers. You'll need to view the books on a digital device with occasional internet access.

Please note these are digital-only ebooks and not printable (with the exception of math workbooks) or shareable. Please allow 2-4 business days for us to grant you access to your digital purchases. 

Click here for full details and digital FAQs.

Preschool Learning Processes - Digital | Oak Meadow Bookstore
Preschool Learning Processes-Digital

A guide for the Home Teacher in the fundamental activities of the Oak Meadow Preschool curriculum. 

Was: $55.00
Now: $38.50
The Heart of Learning by Lawrence Williams - Digital | Oak Meadow Bookstore
The Heart of Learning - Digital

Newly revised and updated, this digital 40th Anniversary Edition of our classic guide to home learning is recommended reading for all parents and teachers. 

Was: $30.00
Now: $21.00