The Homeschooling Book of Lists

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The Homeschooling Book of Lists is a comprehensive, authoritative, and user-friendly resource for home-schoolers or anyone considering teaching their child at home. Written by Michael and Mary Leppert, two experts in the field of homeschooling, this easy-to-use book is filled with information, tips, and resources that will help you give your child an outstanding education.

The book covers a wide variety of topics - including what to consider before homeschooling, state-by-state guidelines for homeschoolers, curriculum resources by subject area, and getting your homeschooled student into college.

The Homeschooling Book of Lists offers:

  • A variety of proven homeschooling models and methods.
  • Religious and ethnic homeschooling resources.
  • Guidance on finding help for special needs learners.
  • Information on tutors and tutoring, homeschooling suppliers, charter schools, and independant study programs.
  • Resources for testing and test preparation.
  • Valuable coupons to help you save money.

In addition, this important resource contains frequently asked questions and a glossary of common homeschooling terms.