The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Previously assigned as part of the Oak Meadow Eighth Grade English curriculum (replaced with new course 7/2018).

Here is a lighthearted excursion into boyhood, a nostalgic return to the simple rural Missouri world of Tom Sawyer and his friends Huck and Becky and his aunt Polly. It is a dreamlike world of summertime and hooky, pranks and punishments, villains and desperate adventure seen through the eyes of a boy who might be young Mark Twain himself.

There is sheer delight in Tom Sawyer — even in the darkest moments, affection and wit permeate its pages. For adults it re-creates the vanished dreams of youth. For younger readers it unveils the promise of tantalizing horizons still to come. And for everyone, it reveals the mind and heart of one of America’s best-loved writers.


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