You Are Your Child's First Teacher

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This is a great book but is being discontinued by Oak Meadow to make room for other inventory. One copy remains with a torn cover in one corner. Other than that it's perfect

By Rahima Baldwin Dancy

As a parent today, you face a daunting dilemma: How do you best support and enhance your child's development in the early years, the years in which you are your child's first teacher?

Early childhood Waldorf educator Rahima Baldwin Dancy speakes up for a fresh sensibility about raising children, one that helps children be children while enabling you to recognize your important role as a parent. Completely revised and updated from the 1989 first edition, You Are Your Child's First Teacher offers new ways of seeing and understanding your child that will provide fertile ground for your own creativity and help increase your confidence in what you are doing. Making the most of the magical years from birth to age six will enrich the lives of you and your child now and for years to come.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher covers topics such as:

  • Caring for the newborn
  • Helping your toddler's development
  • The development of fantasy and creative play
  • Nourishing your child's imagination
  • Rhythm and discipline in home life
  • Readiness for school

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