Books that Build Character: A Guide to Teaching Your Child Moral Values Through Stories

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by William Kilpatrick, Gregory Wolfe, Suzanne M. Wolfe, and Robert Coles

This excellent resource makes a strong case that reading—specifically reading well chosen books—is important for the following reasons: 1) stories can create an emotional attachment to goodness, 2) stories provide a wealth of good examples on how to live, 3) stories familiarize children with the codes of conduct they need to know, and 4) stories help them make sense of life. The book list included in this resource contains 300 titles, broken down into the major categories (science fiction/fantasy, picture books, fables and fairy tales, myths, legends and folktales, sacred texts, holidays and holy days, historical and contemporary fiction, etc), and four age levels. Each book is also given a lengthy description of the plot, as well as an overview of the issues or virtues explored.

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