Colleges That Change Lives

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This invaluable guide, now fully revised and updated, will happily solve one of the American family's greatest anxieties- college-just as it has been doing for thousands of others since its first edition a decade ago.

The forty life-changing colleges profiled may be little known in a status industry, but they are outdoing the Ivies and major universities in producing winners. And they do it not just among the A students but among those who get Bs and Cs.

Inside you'll find:

- Answers to the questions youwant ot know on each school's program and personality.

- Candid assessments by students, professors, and deans.

- A comprehensive, ten-years-later evaluation at the end of each profile by students and alumni.

- Information on the progress of graduates.

This new edition also gives a senior's tips to freshmen, tells how Japanese universities are copying these colleges, and addresses such issues as home schooling and single-sex education. New research on learning disabilities gives more evidence on why they will be the gifted of tomorrow.