Parent Planner

SKU: b14208

Oak Meadow’s new weekly planners are designed with homeschoolers in mind. Based on requests, ideas, and feedback from families over the years, we’ve come up with two planners that can be used by any homeschooler to keep track of their learning, regardless of what type of curriculum, courses, or unschooling they are doing. The planners will help students and parents plan in advance and budget both time and resources.

We offer two types: Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner, designed primarily for parents with students in grades K-4, and Oak Meadow Student Planner, for students from fifth grade through high school. Both planners include 40 weeks of blank schedules plus an array of resources designed to support the learning process and help families get the most out of their homeschooling year.

In the Oak Meadow Homeschool Parent Planner, we’ve included tips and advice from experienced Oak Meadow teachers to inspire and guide your homeschooling journey. You’ll also find a study skills checklist that will help you direct your students toward effective study habits that will support their independent learning in the years to come. In the back of the parent planner, we’ve included general learning targets for each grade level that give you a baseline map for learning from kindergarten to grade 3.

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