On Writing the College Application Essay

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What does an admissions officer look for in the college application essay? If that's your concern, you're off to the wrong start, says Harry Bauld, who has worked his way through more admissions essays than he cares to remember. Of course, he'll tell you straight out what he isn't looking for: another platitudinous variation on one of the following themes. (If you see your initial idea reflected in this list, think again.)

  • The trip ("I had to adjust to a whole new way of life.")
    My favorite things (puppy dogs, freedom, and Mrs. Fileds cooking)
    Miss America ("I think World Peace is the most important issue facing us today")
    The jock ("Through wrestling I have learned to set goals and to work with people")
    The autobiography ("Hello my name is...")
    Tales of my success ("But, finally, when I crossed the finish line...")
    Pet death ("As I watched Button's life ebb away, I came to value...")

But even one of these subjects can work if approached correctly. What Bauld will do for you in this book is help you find your own voice, so you'll come across a real person, not as applicant 629.