Media Literacy Coursebook

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Media Literacy is about learning how to critically engage and make sense of the media all around us. In addition to introducing students to the history and use of media, this course will help develop analytical tools that students can use to examine media content, intent, context, and subtext. Students will explore what and how we learn from the media, and how media shape our perceptions in regard to race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, geography, and education. As students begin to understand how the media operates in society, they will develop a sense of objectivity about media and become more active audiences and independent thinkers.

Course Length: One semester

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

This coursebook is designed to be used in conjunction with the following textbook:

In addition, this course uses a wide variety of films from the Media Education Foundation (Kanopy) that are included when the course is purchased directly from Oak Meadow. You will receive an email with access information that will come separately from your bookstore receipt.


Note: Internet access is required for this course.

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