Living and Learning

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Written by Dr. Lawrence Williams, this book contains the fruits of twenty years of work with children as a parent and teacher. It is designed to present the essence of the Oak Meadow perspective so you can apply it with your own children. In this book, Lawrence presents a view of children, parenting and teaching that is both inspiring and practical. Each of these essays is a treasure you will read over and want to share with others. If you want to know more about the Oak Meadow perspective, this book is for you!

Living and Learning — In a captivating series of short stories about personal experiences in his life, Lawrence demonstrates the humor and the spiritual significance of the common events of our lives. This series of stories includes tales of Aunt Blanche, children who are ET's, and the remarkable trilogy of the birth, death and rebirth of Oak Meadow. You'll love these stories!

How to Transform Your Child — Lawrence presents a profound paradox that is at the heart of all relationships with children, and then shows how to use this paradox effectively to transform our children's negative behavior into more positive expressions that are beneficial to the whole family. Lawrence's revolutionary perspective will change the way you view your children!

The Art of Education — What are the basic polarities of life, and how do they affect the learning process? What is the true nature of a child, and how do children unfold their unique innate potential? Lawrence explores these questions and develops some profound insights into children and the learning process. This booklet lays the foundation for the Oak Meadow perspective.

Understand Your Child's Temperament — In this booklet, Lawrence reveals the basic temperaments that all human beings express, and he demonstrates how we can cooperate with these temperaments to help children learn more effectively. Wonderful practical tools for working with children!

How to Release Your Child's Natural Genius — This remarkable story synthesizes several child development theories and uncovers the basic pattern of child development. Lawrence shows how we can cooperate withthis pattern to release the genius that is inherent in all children.

Authority and Children — How can we express our natural authority with children without being overbearing or domineering? Lawrence shows how to integrate discipline with love and help children develop their own inner discipline. This inspiring essay was the source for a feature article in Mothering magazine.

What to do When Your Child is Bored — Many children experience boredom, and this can develop into negative behavior patterns. Lawrence explains the cause of boredom and discusses what we can do to prevent children from becoming bored. Follow these suggestions, and your children will never be bored again!