Grade 7 Earth Science Lab Kit


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This lab kit provides specialized materials needed to complete the experiments in Lab Investigations: Earth Science (part of the Oak Meadow Grade 7 Earth Science course). Additional materials needed to perform the labs are those commonly available (all required lab materials are listed in the lab manual appendix).

Please note: This lab kit is not included in the Grade 7 Package. 

Earth science lab kit includes:

  • balloon
  • candle
  • compass
  • drinking straw
  • food coloring, blue
  • gravel
  • magnifying glass
  • metric ruler
  • paper cups
  • wooden stakes
  • push pins
  • radish seeds
  • sand
  • string
  • tweezers

Product details:

  • Grade: Seventh Grade
  • Format: Product bundle
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs