Grade 8 Physical Science Coursebook


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The science curriculum focuses on the principles of physical science, including mass, matter, force, energy, sound, light, color, electricity, magnetism, and mechanics. In order to prepare students for more advanced science, emphasis is placed on using objective observation skills, incorporating scientific terminology when writing, and demonstrating careful methodology and data collection. Assignments require students to conduct experiments, perform mathematical calculations, analyze their findings, and support conclusions with evidence. This course aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Lab investigations (included in a separate lab manual) guide students in actively exploring concepts related to chemical reactions, forces and interactions, energy, waves, and engineering design. A complete materials list is included in the appendix of the coursebook. Lab Kit available separately.

Throughout the course, students are given opportunities to conduct projects of their own design, supported by a step-by-step guidance in project design, implementation, revision, and reflection. A subject-specific teacher manual is available for this course, and learning assessment rubrics are included to help assess student work.

View samples of our Grade 8 curriculum here.

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