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What's Included

The following resources are included in the K-3 Essentials Package (formerly known as the K-3 Enrichment Package):

  • Heart of Learning: provides important support and guidance for the homeschooling parent through a series of essays on the educational philosophy and learning principles behind the early grades of Oak Meadow. It includes information on child development as well as suggestions on how to develop your skills as a home teacher.
  • OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades: includes practical information on how to present the lesson material, as well as an extensive collection of songs, poems, and action verses that you'll be using through the early grades.
  • OM Crafts for the Early Grades: includes all the instructions for crafts and projects.
  • OM Circle Time CD: provides musical inspiration for your circle time, and includes all the songs listed in the OM Guide to Teaching the Early Grades
  • Healthy Living from the Start: offers a wide range of activities around health-related topics. Each lesson includes a set of activities to choose from for each grade level, making it easy to use with children of different ages.

The resources in this package are used for grades K-3, therefore you only need to purchase once.


This publication is also available in digital form. Click here for information on digital access, conditions, printables, and more, or click here to see our full line of digital curriculum.

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  • Grade: K-3
  • Format: Product bundle
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