Psychology: Journey Toward Self-Knowledge Course Package


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The 11th Edition textbook for this course has gone out of print but is still available in used condition as well as a rental on a number of websites. Be sure to search the specific ISBN 9781319104177

What's Included

The following materials are included in this course package:

Additional Materials Recommended

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Course Overview

This engaging and rigorous psychology course is designed to help students become more aware of themselves as unique individuals. Delving into their own experiences, students are encouraged to be scientists in the process of exploring themselves and their place in the universe. They will examine a variety of topics including memory, biology of behavior, stress, learning and conditioning, developmental stages, defense mechanisms, and personality theory. Students apply their knowledge through hands-on activities and use overarching themes to make connections among various topics and theories.

Course Length: One semester

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

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