Saxon Physics Homeschool Kit


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Saxon Physics: An Incremental Development contains 100 in-depth lessons on the principles of physical science, including scientific notation, force, energy, heat, gravitation, motion, optics, electricity, and the atom.

Designed to “emblazon the fundamental concepts of physics in the long-term memory of the student,” the text includes a review of the trigonometry required, and provides the practice students need to become familiar and comfortable with the complex concepts of physics. Rather than treating a single concept at a time and then moving on, the text introduces concepts incrementally and continues to build on them throughout. Unfamiliar units and their abbreviations are introduced gradually to help students become accustomed to them. Problem sets include “curveball questions” (along with their answers and explanations) so students can practice with unexpected or unusual applications. Throughout the text, crisp diagrams and illustrations clarify each new concept in detail. The Saxon Home Study Packet is included, with worksheets and practice problems.

Course Length: Full year   

Suggested Grade Level(s): 12


Saxon Physics Homeschool Kit is included in the Oak Meadow Physics course package.

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