Painting Coursebook

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This course introduces students to painting techniques over the course of 36 lessons. With a wide range of exercises, students learn to mix colors, create a balanced composition, and achieve different effects using various techniques. Full, step-by-step instructions are provided, and students are encouraged to reflect on their experience, and use this reflection to improve their work. A fundamental knowledge of drawing and basic drawing ability is required.

Recommended prerequisite Course: Oak Meadow Drawing and Design Course

The following book is required for use with the Painting Course:

  • 50 Paintings You Should Know (Prestel, 2018) 9783791381701

The following materials are not included in the course and need to be purchased separately:

  • Paints, acrylic or tempera (colors should include basic primary and secondary, plus black and white; add more colors if you wish)
  • Brushes, soft tip, selection of several sizes
  • Canvas pressed paper or canvas board
  • Canvas (cloth) for stretching handmade canvases (4 stretched canvases total for the course)
  • Stretchers (minimum of four to stretch one canvas) sizes to be determined by the student (two 16-inch and two 12-inch stretchers are recommended)
  • Staple gun
  • Gesso

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