The Diary of a Young Girl

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Note 11/2022: The 2nd edition of this course will be released in January 2023. The 2nd edition will feature new literature selections to reflect more diverse heroes and authors. Diary of a Young Girl and Into the Wild will be replaced with Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko and Where We Come From by Oscar Cásares.

By Anne Frank

Anne Frank was 13 years old when her family was forced into hiding to escape Nazi persecution. For twenty-five months, she and her family lived entirely indoors. Anne experienced fear, hunger, and the loss of privacy and freedom, all while negotiating the same emotional and physical challenges that all teens face. This is a work of non-fiction, written by Anne as a private memoir, which was unexpectedly interrupted, as was her life. Anne’s vitality and emerging sense of self shine into the darkness of the terrible circumstances of her life.

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