Grade 7 Science Coursebook- Digital

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In Earth Science, students study Earth and its natural processes, phenomena, and interactions between systems. Students apply what they learn and observe in hands-on lab investigations and activities related to astronomy, geology, meteorology, and environmental science. Emphasis is placed on learning about Earth’s natural resources and thinking creatively and critically through practical solutions to current environmental issues. This course aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Lab investigations (included in a separate lab manual) guide students in actively exploring concepts, building skills, and gaining experience in observation, data collection and analysis, and drawing conclusions supported by evidence.

There are five units in the course: Scientific Habits, Space, Earth, Meteorology, and Environmental Science. Each unit ends with a project designed to give students the opportunity to conduct a scientific inquiry based on an area of interest. A subject-specific teacher manual is available for this course, and learning assessment rubrics are included to help assess student work.

Both the Earth Science Lab Kit and the Grade 7 Science Teacher Manual are available separately.

View samples of our Grade 7 curriculum here.


The digital curriculum is for use on electronic devices and cannot be printed. Click here for more information about Oak Meadow's digital curriculum offerings.

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