Grade 5 Package

Grade 5 Package
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What's Included

The following resources are included in the Grade 5 Package:

Please note the fifth grade craft kit is NOT included in this package.

Grade 5 Overview

View samples of our Grade 5 curriculum here.

In fifth grade English and social studies, geography, literature, and early American history are combined to create an experience that challenges students to draw parallels across subjects. Studying the biographies of famous Americans prompts students to formulate their own opinions, make inquiries, explore, and experiment. Students write book reports and do research, concentrating on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the parts of speech.

In fifth grade science, students engage in investigations and experiments that cultivate essential scientific skills such as forming a hypothesis, conducting observations, and taking field notes. The lessons emphasize the scientific method, conservation ecology, meteorology, anatomy, and astronomy, and lay the groundwork for more extensive scientific studies in the upper grades.

In fifth grade math, the coursebook includes step-by-step explanations and examples designed to support the independent learner. Frequent lessons devoted to skill review provide the opportunity for students to customize the course to gain extra practice with challenging skills. The accompanying math workbook includes all the practice worksheets and tests, plus Learning Checklists at end of each lesson test designed to assess student skills and identify where extra help is needed. Skills include rounding, bar and line graphs, perimeter and area, equivalent fractions and lowest common denominators, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, converting between different units of measure, and rate and distance problems.

Projects, crafts, and activities throughout the year include:

  • Memorize a Patrick Henry speech
  • Write a persuasive essay on the American Revolution
  • Write a play about Andrew Jackson
  • Plan a trip across the United States
  • Make a quill pen
  • Make a wetland model
  • Make a simple microscope

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