Two Ways to Use Oak Meadow

At Oak Meadow, families have two ways to learn: you can homeschool on your own by purchasing our curriculum through the bookstore; or you can enroll in our accredited, teacher-supported distance learning school.

To help you decide which is best for your family, we've created this article outlining the differences between these two ways to use Oak Meadow: https://www.oakmeadow.com/enrolled-or-independent/

Earning Credit From Oak Meadow

In order to receive 'credit' or a certificate of completion, families must enroll in Oak Meadow School; your student cannot earn credit towards their Oak Meadow diploma through purchasing the curriculum and using it independent of Oak Meadow. 

Curriculum Materials Included In Enrollment Tuition

If you are interested in enrolling in Oak Meadow School, please know that your curriculum materials are included in the cost of tuition — curriculum materials do not need to be purchased through our online bookstore.

To learn more about enrolling in Oak Meadow School, please visit the Admission page on our main website.