Drawing and Design Course Package


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Students are introduced to the primary concepts of drawing and design using exercises and readings designed to enhance artistic skills and appreciation. These drawing and design principles develop a student's capacities to think creatively and to develop an eye for aesthetics. Exercises include gestural drawing, contour drawing, the use of values to add dimension, portraits, visual composition, and proportion. Students gain experience drawing with pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, soft pastels, and oil pastels.

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Course package includes:

Please note: At this time, there is no Teacher Manual available for this course.

Art supplies needed for this course (not included):

  • drawing pencils (any type, ebony pencils are excellent)
  • drawing paper, two sizes, notebook size and larger
  • watercolor paper or a textured paper
  • kneaded eraser
  • charcoal sticks or pencils
  • black, white, and gray construction paper
  • color pencils
  • soft pastels (any number of colors)
  • oil pastels (any number of colors)
  • painter's tape
  • watercolors (optional)