Drawing and Design Syllabus - Digital

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Over the course of 36 lessons, students learn the fundamentals of drawing and design. Beginning with gestural drawings to establish a sense of form, students proceed to contour drawing and learn techniques for adding depth and complexity to their artwork. The principles of design are studied and students learn to create a balanced composition. Still life, portrait, and landscape drawings are explored in detail as students develop their artistic abilities, and learn to think and see like an artist.


Art supplies needed for this course (not included):

drawing pencils (any type, ebony pencils are excellent)
drawing paper, two sizes, notebook size and larger
watercolor paper or a textured paper
kneaded eraser
charcoal sticks or pencils
black, white, and gray construction paper
color pencils
soft pastels (any number of colors)
oil pastels (any number of colors)
painter's tape