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This product is a digital ebook version of The Heart of Learning. The digital curriculum is for use on electronic devices and cannot be printed, or shared. Click here for more information about Oak Meadow's digital curriculum offerings.

By Lawrence Williams

The Heart of Learning provides heart-centered guidance and essential information for teaching young children and for creating a nurturing and effective learning environment. This educational classic has informed homeschooling families for four decades, and continues to provide the foundation of Oak Meadow's K-3 curriculum.

Written by Lawrence Williams, Oak Meadow's co-founder and a pioneer in homeschooling and distance learning, The Heart of Learning has been updated to reflect modern teaching and learning concerns. Our 40th Anniversary Edition includes expanded sections on sustainable homeschooling, mindful parenting, technology, boredom and entertainment, nature-based learning, and more. With its unique focus on helping the parent/teacher develop strong inner resources and become a better teacher, The Heart of Learning is highly recommended for every adult who guides and shapes the lives of children.

"The Heart of Learning is my new favorite homeschool book. I will be recommending it to every new homeschool family I meet." Oak Meadow parent

View a sample of The Heart of Learning here. 

Please note that the same volume is used for grades K-3; parents who have purchased The Heart of Learning for kindergarten do not need to purchase it again for grades 1-3.

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  • Publisher: Oak Meadow, Inc. 
  • Version date: June 2020
  • Pages: 214
  • Format: Digital ebook