World Geography Coursebook

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This coursebook contains all the instructions and assignments for the full year course in world geography. As students explore the natural forces that shape our planet and the interactions between people and their environment, they will gain a new perspective on their world. The course guides students in acquiring information from disparate sources and integrating it into a comprehensive, global understanding. The projects and assignments encourage students to exercise their imagination, creativity, analytical mind, and critical faculties.

This course is driven by questions and inquiry that challenge students to become researchers and independent thinkers. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to use a wide variety of sources such as non-fiction books, websites, films, textbooks, journals, novels, artwork, news archives, etc.

Overall course objectives: 

  • Understand and use terminology of physical and human geography.
  • Exhibit different types of writing for different purposes.
  • Locate and evaluate sources for relevance and reliability.
  • Interpret data presented in different forms.
  • Compile data and display it in a variety of graphic forms.
  • Become familiar with current issues related to different geographical regions.
  • Initiate and engage in interest-led learning projects.

Course Length: Full year

Suggested Grade Level(s): 9, 10

This course is designed to be textbook-independent. The course can be used in conjunction with ANY world geography textbook (one or more), or can be completed by relying on a variety of research materials rather than a single textbook. Geography: The Human and Physical World textbook is available for purchase if needed as a resource.

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