Chemistry Lab Kit

Chemistry Lab Kit
Chemistry Lab Kit
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The MicroChem Kit 2nd Edition contains sufficient materials to perform every experiment five times with all that's needed except a few commonly available items. It is intended as full year of labs designed to make teaching and preparation very convenient for the instructor. Use with adult supervision. Ages 14 & up.

Lab manual with full instructions is included in the lab kit.

Lab Experiments:

  1. Scientific Method
  2. Paper Chromatography
  3. Collecting Data
  4. Atomic Orbital Models
  5. Modeling Carbonate Reactions
  6. Electrical Conductivity
  7. Hybridization of Orbitals
  8. Decomposition
  9. Double Replacement Reaction
  10. Analysis of Hydrates
  11. Mole Ratios
  12. Boyle’s Law
  13. Charles’s Law
  14. Melting Points
  15. Freezing Point Depression
  16. Enthalpy of Ice
  17. Reversible Reactions
  18. Reaction Rates, Concentration
  19. Reaction Rates, Temperature
  20. Solubility Product Constant
  21. pH and pH Indicators
  22. Titration
  23. Molar Mass by Titration
  24. Buffers
  25. Oxidation-Reduction
  26. Galvanic Cells
  27. Organic Chemistry Models
  28. Hydrocarbon Models
  29. Polymer Models
  30. Cross-linking of a Polymer
  31. Nuclear Decay Simulation


29 Chemicals, 27 different types of equipment, 200 page manual, 60 page teachers answer guide – all in a convenient storage box. Developed with safety in mind, the kit contains no concentrated acids or bases. The equipment is mostly plastic to reduce breakage.


Note: Lab kits are not available to ship outside the United States (except Canada and Mexico) as they can only ship via ground service.  You can most likely find a Chemistry kit supplier in your country that has similar components as this is an off the shelf lab kit.  You can order the other Oak Meadow Chemistry items a la carte.

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