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Chemistry is the study of matter through observation and experimentation. In this syllabus, students get a rigorous hands-on introduction to the tools, terms, and practices of the study of Chemistry. The syllabus includes 36 engaging and thought-provoking lessons, affording students a chance to read, write, and reflect on chemistry principles and their real-world applications. The syllabus features 32 laboratory activities, ranging from simple calculations and graphs to full-featured experiments with solutions, gases, and electrochemical cells. Algebra I is a prerequisite.

Labs are found in the manual included in the MicroChem Lab Kit (2nd Edition).

Course Length: Full year

Suggested Grade Level(s): 10, 11

Materials required for use with this coursebook:

  • Chemistry Textbook (Prentice Hall) 9780132512107
  • The Joy of Chemistry
  • Oak Meadow Chemistry Lab Kit

View samples of our high school curriculum here.

High School Teacher Manuals are available only for families who use our curriculum independently (non-enrolled). Enrolled students and families should contact their Oak Meadow teacher directly for questions regarding course work.

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