The Eye, The Shutter, The Light, The Color: An Introduction to Photography

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Photography is a relatively new art, less than 200 years old, but one that changes the way we interpret the world around us and, quite simply, the way we see. This course will teach such fundamental concepts as frame, focus, and composition, while also exploring the more interpretive side of photography. Students will complete weekly assignments, getting hands-on experience and a chance to convey their unique vision of the world. Students will also keep a journal and collect ideas, magazine clippings, inspiring images, and some personal writing about their experiences. Students are expected to have a working knowledge of and general familiarity with the camera they choose to use for this class. Either a 35-mm camera (point-and-shoot or SLR) or a digital camera is required.

The Oak Meadow Introduction to Photography Coursebook is included with this course. In addition, the following book is highly recommended:

Understanding Exposure (4th edition) by Bryan Peterson is a recommended supplement (must be purchased separately).

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