Grade 8 Science Lab Kit

SKU: b085200

This lab kit provides specialized materials needed to complete the experiments in Lab Investigations: Physical Science (part of the Oak Meadow Grade 8 Physical Science course). Additional materials needed to perform the labs are those commonly available (all required lab materials are listed in the lab manual appendix).

Physical science lab kit includes:

  • balloons
  • candles
  • cork
  • eyedropper
  • food coloring (blue, green, and red)
  • knitting needle
  • magnets
  • magnetic compass
  • magnifying glass
  • measuring tape, metric
  • mirrors
  • wooden skewer
  • paper clips, metal
  • protractor
  • rope
  • ruler, metric
  • safety goggles
  • steel nail
  • string, cotton
  • string, kite
  • thermometer
  • wire, copper