Second Grade Craft Kit With Recorders


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The Second Grade Craft Kit contains many of the craft items necessary for completing the Second Grade curriculum.

Artistic expression is a very important part of the Oak Meadow second grade curriculum. The primary media used throughout the course are crayon drawing and watercolor painting, as it was in kindergarten and first grade. In second grade colored pencils are also introduced to allow for more practical use of color and detail. The study of color is an important focus of second grade and is deepened through an extended art project, creating a calendar.

You can find a full list of materials used in second grade by scrolling to the end of our Grade 2 Coursebook curriculum sample

What's included:

Additional Craft Materials Needed:

The following craft materials are also used in Grade 2 (not included in this craft kit):

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  • Grade: Second grade
  • Format: Product bundle
  • Weight: 10.75 lbs