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Previous Version of Oak Meadow's World History Syllabus.  Replaced by our textbook independent coursebook in 2017.  No Teacher Manual is available

The textbook for this course, World History (Glencoe 2005), is no longer being published. Families who wish to use this course may want to confirm that they can obtain a used copy of the textbook before purchasing this coursebook. The ISBN number for this book is 9780078607028.

In addition to historical facts, students are introduced to the literature, artists, musicians, and influential people of historical periods. This syllabus integrates geography throughout and emphasizes critical thinking, the development of research skills, and the analysis of relationships between people and events as a means of understanding current world events. Students are encouraged to interpret factual information, determine cause and effect, separate facts from opinions, explore values, synthesize, form hypotheses, and evaluate conclusions.