Chemistry Matters Coursebook

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This item was removed from the shelf 7/13/22 and has been replaced by the Second Edition of the course. This Coursebook only works with item # 19113 Teacher Manual and b125110 Lab Manual.

Course Overview

Students get a rigorous hands-on introduction to the topics, tools, terms, mathematics, and practices of the study of chemistry. This course includes 16 labs plus dozens of hands-on activities, inquiry-based quick labs, and creative ways to explore chemistry principles and their real-world applications. The scientific method, data analysis, and powers of observation, and critical thinking to solve a problem are addressed in all aspects of the course. Labs include Molecular Modeling, Naming Chemical, Properties of Gases, Stoichiometry, The Mole Concept, Titration, Molar Mass Determination, Electrochemical Cells and Cell Potentials, Le Châtelier’s Principle, Quantitative Spectroscope, and Reaction Order and Rate Laws. This course is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Suggested prerequisite: Algebra 1.

Course Length: Full year

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

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