CREATE-A-STORY: The Creative Writing Game

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Create-A-Story™ is the first board game to make story writing kid’s play. Travel through time, walk on the moon, befriend a talking frog. Your story can take many twists and turns depending on the cards you draw and how you piece it together. The fun comes in watching creative sparks fly!

This high-adventure game is designed to help students:

  • Structure a story
  • Develop characters and plots
  • Use dialogue
  • Set up conflict and resolution
  • Write with confidence and imagination
  • Experience the joy of writing

The rewards are great:

  • Everyone learns (and laughs!) just by playing
  • Offers multiple levels of play
  • Develops lifelong creative writing and thinking skills
  • Suitable for a wide range of students including those with learning differences or a gift for writing
  • Ideal for individual or group play, for ages 5-99
  • Success is built into the game so everyone is a “winner

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