American Literature: Social Transformations Course Package

American Literature: Social Transformations Course package
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Course Overview

Course Length: One semester

Suggested Grade Level(s): 11, 12

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American culture has undergone countless social transformations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Today, new social transformations are underway. In this course, students will study how American literature reflects and contributes to social transformations. Presenting a diverse set of voices, the course centers on the intersection of literature, history, and current events.

Students read a selection of fiction, poetry, and essays that explore important topics in American culture: the efforts for liberation that African Americans have engaged in during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the motives that have brought immigrants to the United States, and the environmental struggles that have created tensions between various segments of society. Students examine themes such as xenophobia, bias, and the legacy of the past through the lens of different settings and perspectives.

Suggested prerequisites: Composition or The Hero’s Journey

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