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About Us

Oak Meadow was founded in 1975 by Bonnie and Lawrence Williams, and over the past 35 years, Oak Meadow has grown into a thriving organization serving families and schools around the world. The founding philosophy has remained strong throughout our years of growth and today our courses set the standard for a creative, meaningful home-based education.


We believe that homeschooling can play a significant role in creating a better world by helping children become strong, creative, independent human beings. We are honored to be a part of the thriving homeschooling movement and to have been involved in the education of so many students. A desire to support families in their choice to homeschool is behind everything we do!


Our School

The Oak Meadow school enrolls over 600 students in grades K – 12. Our school has been accredited by major accrediting bodies since 1995, and has been an approved Independent School in Vermont since 2000. Our records, transcripts and diplomas are routinely recognized and accepted by schools, colleges, and school districts. To learn more about enrollment in our school, visit the School section of this website or request a catalog.


To learn more about Oak Meadow please visit our web site here