Chemistry with Lab Course

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Chemistry is the study of matter through observation and experimentation. In this course, students get a rigorous hands-on introduction to the tools, terms, and practices of the study of Chemistry. Newly designed and rewritten by one of our Oak Meadow science teachers, the course syllabus includes 36 engaging and thought-provoking lessons, affording students a chance to read, write, and reflect on chemistry principles and their real-world applications. The course features 32 laboratory activities, ranging from simple calculations and graphs to full-featured experiments with solutions, gases, and electrochemical cells. These activities employ standard household items, while more specialized tools and substances are provided in the included Oak Meadow Lab Kit. This course fulfills all the standards of a college-preparatory Chemistry course.

The following materials are included with this course:

  • Chemistry Syllabus
  • Chemistry Lab Kit
  • Chemistry (Prentice Hall)
  • The Joy of Chemistry (Prometheus Book)

High School Teacher Manuals are available only for families who use our curriculum independently (non-enrolled). Enrolled students and families should contact their Oak Meadow teacher directly for questions regarding course work.

Note: Lab kits shipping outside of the U.S. must be sent by UPS.



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